About the Fur Circus

This is the true story of Rizzo, as told by me, Rizzo, about my dream of becoming the Ringmaster of the world’s best circus…

Greetings friends! I’m here to take you through a FUR-larious time in the making – this is the story of how my dream became a reality right before my eyes! My name is Ronald Isaiah Zachary Zander Omar, but you can call me Rizzo! For years I have aspired to be the top Ringmaster of the best circus in the universe. My lifelong dream began after seeing my first live circus when I was a small lad. I sat in my chair in amazement of all the trapeze acts, clowns and animals – they were so very talented and everyone loved them! Even though I loved the performances, I was especially drawn to the Ringmaster. The Ringmaster conducted all the excitement, the entire show…I wanted to be in the spotlight, the center of attention, and direct the energy just like this Ringmaster! After seeing this show I was determined to learn all about the workings of a circus, specifically the Ringmaster! So, I asked to help out a small circus at the county fair and that is where my journey began!

After years of learning the trade – including cleaning the animal stalls (P.U.!!) and making sure the clowns behaved (yowza!!) – I finally saw my opportunity to jump into the spotlight. See, one day our ringmaster became very ill and could not perform. He was so sick that the show was going to be cancelled! As we were making the announcement to the crowd outside of the big circus tent, I saw how disappointed the kids were…they had long, sad faces and tears were running down their cheeks. I had to do something, so I quickly stepped up to the microphone and much to the delight of the crowd I yelled, “The show must go on! I’ll be your Ringmaster for tonight!!!” Unfortunately, amongst the cheers and excitement, my manager was not very pleased with my decision. He didn’t believe in me, but I knew that I was ready. This was my moment, my chance to shine and it was now or never for me! That glorious night the show went on without any mistakes and my manager even thanked me for a job well done.

All was good in circus town, but my time in the spotlight was short lived as the permanent Ringmaster was back up on his feet before the next show. For me it was back down the rungs of feeding the animals and sweeping the seats. However, that night changed my life and I was as inspired as ever to step out and take a leap of faith…a leap that led me to the Fur Circus!

Now here is where the story gets even more exciting, even more FUR-tastic…here is the tale about my trip around the globe to find the most talented circus animals around! These three stooges of fur I found will leave you shocked and amazed – in fact, you will be in awe over their FUR-gility, FUR-lexibility and FUR-bilities! It is my pleasure to welcome you to The Fur Circus!

The Fur Circus

So that is the story of us…Rizzo, Buddy, Splash and Myles…The Fur Circus! We are the most en-FUR-taining, FUR-loving and totally FUR-joyable group you will every lay your eyes on! It’s FUR-tastic! With this mixed bag of talent and the amount of laughter we generate, I cannot wait to visit your town to show you our entertaining antics first hand! ALL ABOARD!!!!!!