The Fur Circus Story

The Fur Circus is the creative concept of industry professionals with over 50 years of combined experience. Individually the guys behind the scenes represent teams from the NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL, MiLB in addition to performing in professional hockey, NCAA , Warner Brothers and so much more. After two years of creative development The Fur Circus was brought into the world and these creative goofballs were responsible. Knowing the intricacies of working in the front office of many organizations shed light on the untapped possibilities when it comes to professional sports entertainment.

Now, after four years from launching The Fur Circus at Baseball Winter Meetings, The Fur Circus has appeared all over the country, bringing an elite level of enFURtianment to organizations and franchises in all levels of professional sports and live events. In addition to the traveling promotional enFURtainment, the guys behind the mask work with groups that are creating, developing or interested in maximizing their mascot program offering training and development for management and performers. A genuine passion for the industry along with a desire to make people laugh and smile is the driving force behind The Fur Circus and the main reason these characters have donated countless hours to local schools, children’s hospitals, non-profits and charities in every city they visit.