Reviews of the Fur Circus

Florida Everblades

"Every year the Florida Everblades try to bring in an on-ice entertainment group as an exciting element for our season. Bringing in the Fur Circus was one of the best choices we have made for our Blades games to date. It wasn’t necessarily the performance that impressed me as much as the community visits the Fur Circus made with us. A smile brought to a child’s face is more priceless than any performance we could bring to our arena, and Myles, Splash and Rizzo were able to bring a smile to every one of those children’s faces at the hospital and school they visited. The organization, professionalism, and entertainment value the Fur Circus provided to our production was amazing and we look forward to having the Fur Circus in years to come!"
Emily Davies
Game Operations, Florida Everblades

Knoxville Ice Bears

"The Fur Circus promotion was one of our best yet. Typically we don’t see value in paying for acts to breeze through town only to entertain those that were coming to the game anyway. The exception for me was that The Fur Circus came to town before the event and accompanied our promotion team to local media and sponsors creating a buzz about the family friendly experience they would provide at the game the next night, therefore influencing an increased attendance average as a result. We look forward to having them back."
Mike Murray
President, GM & Owner, Knoxville Ice Bears

Lakewood Blue Claws

"Each season I try to bring in a debut entertainer that I think our fans will enjoy, as a change of pace from year to year. The Fur Circus made their FirstEnergy Park debut in 2013 and BlueClaws fans really enjoyed their show. The local community appearance that came as part of the booking made it even better, as we were able to provide some underprivileged children with a fun distraction the morning of the game. If you’re looking for a quality, affordable entertainment act, The Fur Circus is a perfect option."
Hal Hansen
Dir. of Promotions, Lakewood Blue Claws

Wilmington Blue Rocks

"Of the many entertainment acts that we have had at our stadium, The Fur Circus was easily the most fan-friendly and accessible. The morning of their performance, they accompanied us to a local children's hospital, taking the time to meet with every child they came across. It was fantastic to see them brighten the day of the kids as they greeted and spent time with them. During the game, they were not only incredibly easy to work with, but also performed during 5 separate inning breaks, as well as before our fireworks show. The performances were very well executed, and the crowd loved them. After the game, they really set themselves apart from other similar acts by posing for pictures on our concourse with every fan as they left the game. It created some really great memories for our fans, and helped cap off a wonderful night. With all of their pregame, in-game, and post game performances, combined with the originality of their skits and how great they were to work with, the Fur Circus was definitely well worth bringing out to a game. I would not hesitate to recommend them to another venue, and I can't wait to have them back again!"
Joe Valenti
Dir. of Marketing, Wilmington Blue Rocks

Jackson Generals

"The Fur Circus exceeded all expectations. They did a great job entertaining and interacting with our fans. We have had more positive comments from fans since their performance than we have had on any entertainment act in several years. We are already looking forward to another FURtastic appearance next season."
Jason Compton
General Manager, Jackson Generals

"We really enjoyed having the Fur Circus come out to the Ballpark in Jackson. They're a great group of guys both in character and out. They were very flexible and self-sufficient in their efforts making things as easy as possible on us! They were much more accessible to fans than other groups we've worked with, and since our game went into extra innings, they were more than happy to do extra skits! All in all, it was a great experience, great atmosphere, and we'll definitely look into having them come back!"
Justin Bernhard
Promotions Manager, Jackson Generals

Mississippi River Kings

"I have worked with The Fur Circus twice now, and it is obvious that they strive to go above and beyond what other mascot acts do. They made everything so easy for our Opening Night festivities, from their scripting and music to their interaction with fans throughout the entire night. They provide massive value through their community appearances and the variety of skits they perform during a given night. I would highly recommend The Fur Circus to any team looking to book a mascot act. They can make any night special and clearly know what they are doing."
Bradley Field
Game Presentation, Mississippi River Kings

Birmingham Barons

"The Fur Circus set themselves apart from other entertainment acts because fans had the opportunity to see them pregame, on the concourse, as well as during the game. Our fans appreciated them even more then some of the other acts we have had because they were accessible for autographs and pictures. The Fur Circus were great to work with and willing to make adjustments to their skits and even performed a couple extra to help us fill time before the big 4th of July fireworks show that night. We had a sold out crowd of 8,500 fans who were just raving about the great time that they had and for some it was the first they had visited our brand new downtown ballpark, Regions Field, but they all commented about how they enjoyed The Fur Circus. They are a very professional act that truly enjoy what they do and demonstrated that passion for entertainment in their performances. From the time the gates opened until the fans exited the stadium, after the 4th of July fireworks, The Fur Circus did whatever they could to ensure that it was a memorable holiday for each and every one of our fans."
Mike Ferko
Director of Production, Birmingham Barons

Opportunity Village on Behalf of the ECHL, America's Premier AA Hockey League

"One of the best Opportunity Village days ever was the day the Fur Circus came to visit! Opportunity Village turns 60 next May 2014 and as Las Vegas' favorite charity we have had the good fortune to receive visits over the years of super stars like Elvis Presley and Celine Dion to President Bush to name a very few notables. But, when the Fur Circus came to Las Vegas, the bar was raised even higher! Opportunity Village serves 1700 citizens with profound disabilities (OVIP's) every day in our four Campuses and in jobs throughout the Las Vegas valley. We generate 80% of our operating budget every day saving taxpayers an estimated $40 million each year. Our folks work hard to have the same chance at a life that we all get have, however they have to overcome obstacles that would bring most of us to our knees. They deserve the same choices that we do, but their disability limits their choices and they often live isolated lives outside of Opportunity Village. So, when the Fur Circus performers stopped by our West Oakey Campus, 200 OVIPs were wowed! As a matter of fact they still haven't settled back in. Every day since the visit we are asked “when is the Fur Circus coming back" what about our friends at our other Campuses who didn't get to meet them? We thank you and your wonderful performers for a memorable day filled with laughter and joy. Thank you for the love, the respect, the sensitivity and the enthusiasm you showed to our OVIPs. Should you be in Vegas in the future please keep us in mind, especially during the holiday season when we hold our annual Magical Forest that is visited by 200,000 guests each year. As a matter of fact, if you have plans to be in Vegas in May 2014 let us know, we are going to have a two day Celebration of turning 60 with the entire Las Vegas community joining in and we would love it if you could join us."
Krysti Gabriel
Opportunity Village Assistant Director, Fine and Performing Arts Program

Gary South Shore Rail Cats

"The Fur Circus came to entertain the crowd here at the Steel Yard and they left having done much more. The Fur Circus was a very interactive and exciting performance. The characters made the experience of any and all fans they met more enjoyable that night than previous visits. The Fur Circus put on a FURmazing performance, that had our crowd more excited than they had been at any time previously this season. The performers surpassed our expectations and not only made our game experience more enjoyable for every fan that evening but the smiles they left on the faces of the children at their community appearance are smiles not likely to fade soon. The raucous atmosphere and crazy antics the performers brought were both unique and highly entertaining to our crowd. We loved having the Fur Circus out and look forward to another FURventure with them soon!"
Natalie Kirby
Director of Marketing and Promotions, Gary SouthShore RailCats

Hickory Crawdads

"The Fur Circus traveling act was great! All the performers were very friendly and easy to work with, and the skits in between innings were unique and thoroughly entertained our fans. The fan interaction in the stands during the game was exceptional and really provided a ton of laughs throughout the game. Our fans really enjoyed being entertained from when the gates opened to when the gates closed. Additionally, the community appearance before the game was well received and it was great to have the Fur Circus provide some excitement to the day before the game even started!"
Jared Weymeir
Promotions Director, Hickory Crawdads

Salem Red Sox

"The Fur Circus really sets themselves apart from a lot of other acts that we have had in Salem over the years. They are not an act that the fans only see for a couple innings during the game. The group made an appearance at the local children’s hospital the day of our game and we received some great publicity for that as they were wonderful with the kids. Rizzo and the gang were at the front gates to greet the fans as they entered the ballpark and the performances during the game were fabulous. Lots of fans stopped on the way out to take pictures with the Fur Circus as they were back out at the front gates at the end of the game. The Fur Circus was first class from beginning to end.”
Allen Lawrence
Sr. Asst. General Manager, Salem Red Sox

Greenville Road Warriors

"The night The Fur Circus came to Greenville was a record setting night for us in attendance and they gave our fans a great show that I am sure will be remembered. The way they interacted with our fans was incredible and is a testimony to their quality. The only thing better than their performance was how well they integrated themselves with our staff and in game presentation to create a seamless show. The Fur Circus brought a new and exciting element to our in game entertainment. They are a very professional act that truly enjoy what they do and that is an equation for a great performance. Given the chance I would love to work with them again."
Megan Dotson
Director of Marketing, Greenville Road Warriors

"The Fur Circus was absolutely fantastic! Rizzo entertained our fans both young and old, and the stilts were phenomenal. From the moment they arrived it was evident that they were here for our fans not for themselves. Their ability to be spontaneous with our fans and make them laugh is invaluable to any organization. They assisted us in accomplishing our goal of leaving every fan with an unforgettable experience that was more valuable than the cost of their ticket. After the game fans were talking about how much they enjoyed The Fur Circus and wanted to see them back next year. The Road Warriors and the people of Greenville, SC love The Fur Circus!"
Zach Sprunger
Game Operations Coordinator, Greenville Road Warriors

Lexington Legends

"I would like to thank you so much for bringing the Fur Circus to Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital during their recent trip to Lexington, KY. What a great group, they really stirred up a lot of good cheer for our patients, staff, and visiting family members. Cardinal Hill is an acute rehabilitation hospital for people of all ages, these patients are here for physical rehabilitation following car accidents, strokes, amputations, and numerous other physical disabilities. Any opportunity to bring a smile to their face is rewarding, trust me during this visit our patients regardless of age thoroughly enjoyed our furry visitors. Our staff was equally excited about this impromptu visit. This came at a good time since we just switched over to an electronic medical record system and it has created lots of stress for everyone. We greatly appreciate this group overcoming the travel situation on I-75 and making time to come to Cardinal Hill although they already had a full schedule planned. We hope this visit was as rewarding for them as it was for us! Should you hear of them coming back to Lexington we hope to stop by to see us at Cardinal Hill! "
Jenny Wurzback
Cardinal Hill Hospital

"The Fur Circus is a class act. From the initial booking, pre-performance, day of, and follow-up we could not have been more pleased with their presentation. The community appearance and fan interaction is second to none! Their act will have your fans in stitches!! Look out for The Fur Circus to be one of the next big names in baseball."
Lauren Shrader
Promotions Coordinator, Lexington Legends

"It is visits like this that bring joy to persons who have experienced suffering and difficulty recently in their life and is much appreciated by the patients and hospital alike. Our thanks to you and all of your furry staff and hope to see you again in Lexington!!"
Ron Borkowski
Senior Corporate Sales, Lexington Legends

Pensacola Blue Wahoos

"The Fur Circus brought fresh new entertainment to our ballpark and community. The attention given to fans before, during and after the game made for a memorable and exciting fan experience. The group worked very well with our staff and offered valuable advice and training to our team’s mascot performer. The outside community and media appearances offered by Fur Circus helped us publicize the game and got our whole town involved in our fun brand of baseball."
Jonathan Griffith
Executive Vice President Pensacola Blue Wahoos

"We were fortunate enough to have The Fur Circus join us for fun, family entertainment during this past baseball season – and, we’re still receiving the question from fans, ‘Will The Fur Circus be coming back, again, next year?!’ Clearly, a big win! Then, just recently, we hosted the Southern League Executives Meetings and really wanted to ‘WOW’ our visitors with a great show while they were in town. Immediately, we called The Fur Circus, and not only were they eager to help us provide an over-the-top show, we were so excited that they’d be here that we opened up the stadium for a free show for the public … and, it was a hit! But, wait – there’s more! We coordinated with a local hospital to have The Fur Circus and our mascot, Kazoo, stop by for a quick visit to help put smiles on patients’ faces. I’m not sure who got more out of those visits, though – the patients or those of us who were able to tag along on that hospital visit. Bottom line, from start to finish, working with The Fur Circus is always a joy. They are professionals, friendly, responsive and so talented! We can’t wait for their next visit!"
Donna Kirby
Merchandise & Community Relations Manager Pensacola Blue Wahoos