What Our Clients Have To Say

“Each season I try to bring in a debut entertainer that I think our fans will enjoy, as a change of pace from year to year. The Fur Circus made their FirstEnergy Park debut in 2013 and Blue Claws fans really enjoyed their show. The local community appearance that came as part of the booking made it even better, as we were able to provide some underprivileged children with a fun distraction the morning of the game. If you’re looking for a quality, affordable entertainment act, The Fur Circus is a perfect option.”
Hal Hansen, Dir. of Promotions, Lakewood Blue Claws

— Lakewood Blue Claws

“The Fur Circus promotion was one of our best yet. Typically we don’t see value in paying for acts to breeze through town only to entertain those that were coming to the game anyway. The exception for me was that The Fur Circus came to town before the event and accompanied our promotion team to local media and sponsors creating a buzz about the family friendly experience they would provide at the game the next night, therefore influencing an increased attendance average as a result. We look forward to having them back.”
Mike Murray, President, GM & Owner, Knoxville Ice Bears

— Knoxville Ice Bears

“Every year the Florida Everblades try to bring in an on-ice entertainment group as an exciting element for our season. Bringing in the Fur Circus was one of the best choices we have made for our Blades games to date. It wasn’t necessarily the performance that impressed me as much as the community visits the Fur Circus made with us. A smile brought to a child’s face is more priceless than any performance we could bring to our arena, and Myles, Splash and Rizzo were able to bring a smile to every one of those children’s faces at the hospital and school they visited. The organization, professionalism, and entertainment value the Fur Circus provided to our production was amazing and we look forward to having the Fur Circus in years to come!”

Emily Davies, Game Operations, Florida Everblades

— Florida Everblades
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