Meet The Fur Circus Characters!

This is the true story of Rizzo, as told by me, Rizzo, about my dream of becoming the Ringmaster of the world’s best circus. And introducing the world to Buddy, Myles and Splash!


Introducing Buddy!

My blue bear, Buddy, hails from the Chattahoochie national forest. His favorite thing to do is entertain fans from the dugout and eat everyone’s popcorn, cotton candy, peanuts, cracker jacks and anything in sight. Buddy is a rare bear in that he is blue in color, but don’t let his happy face fool you, he’s got a belly roll that will knock your socks off!


Introducing Myles!

Myles, Myles, Myles. If this guy isn’t trying to be the center of attention at all times then something is seriously wrong. Hailing from southeast Asia, Myles is an exceptionally talented dancing machine, stunt-monkey and athlete. Described as a little brother figure by Splash and Buddy, mainly due to his pestering ways, Myles has trouble sharing the limelight and often finds himself engulfed in the middle of everyone’s acts. Myles is one energy drink short of coming out of his fur, .


Introducing Splash!

In search of more animals to join my circus, I took my quest deep into the safari of South Africa. Splash, our wacky packy, is a slow mover but has some mad karate skills. Always trying to keep up with Myles and Buddy, Splash likes to do things his own way, usually ending up very badly for him. Splash is one peanut short of a full bag!